BioSyst.EU 2017

logo_biosys2017The third meeting of BioSyst.EU was organized by the Swedish Systematics Association (Svenska systematikföreningen) and Gothenburg University. The meeting featured thematic symposia as well as open sessions on systematic and evolutionary biology.

BioSyst.EU represents European scientists dealing with topics of systematic biology. It considers itself as a collaborative counterpart to the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) where European Natural History Institutions have joined, whereas in BioSyst.EU individual scientists are to be represented via their national or regional societies. Svenska Systematikföreningen is a member of BioSyst.EU.

Presentations from BioSyst.EU 2017

Tuesday: Opening Session

Tuesday: General session 1

Tuesday: General session 2

Tuesday: The roles of natural history collections in exploring biodiversity (The Consortium Of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF))

Wednesday: General session 3

Wednesday: The evolution and diversity of asexual organisms (Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik (GfBS))

Wednesday: Next Generation Systematics (International Organization Of Plant Biosystematists (IOPBS))

Thursday: Taxonomy and systematics research in Scandinavia (ForBio, Artsdatabanken and ArtDatabanken)

Thursday: The future of scientific communication in biodiversity science (The Swiss Systematics Society (SSS))

Thursday: New approaches to teaching and outreach in biodiversity science (Svenska Systematikföreningen)

Friday: The role of morphology in modern systematics (UK Systematics Association (UKSystAss))

Friday: DNA-barcoding and the future of biodiversity monitoring (Gesellschaft für biologische Systematik (GFBS))

Friday: Deep Metazoan Phylogeny and reducing sources of error in phylogeny inference (Svenska Systematikföreningen and GfBS)

Friday: Automatic identification of organisms (Svenska Systematikföreningen)