Hymenoptera Course at Tovetorp in August 2012

We are pleased to announce the fourth offering of HYM Course (http://hymcourse.org/), scheduled for August 5–12, 2012 at Tovetorp Zoological Research Station, Sweden (http://www.zoologi.su.se/tovetorp/).

The main objective of HYM Course is to provide participants with knowledge and experience in identifying parasitic and predatory wasps, sawflies, wood wasps, bees, and ants. Information on natural history is also presented, and that information is reinforced with fieldwork. Techniques used to collect, rear, preserve, and curate specimens are presented in a hands-on manner to allow participants to learn directly by doing.

The course is limited to 25 participants. Applications are due March 2, 2012. Students in Sweden are eligible for financial aid through the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative. Please visit the HYM Course website (http://hymcourse.org/) for details, including information on how to apply, costs for taking the course, and logistics of travel to and within Sweden.

We look forward to seeing you in Sweden!

Instructors, HYM Course 2012

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