PhD-student position available at Uppsala University

A PhD-student position is available in fungal systematics, at the Department of Organismal Biology, Uppsala University.

The overall objective of the PhD project is to improve the understanding of speciation and intraspecific differentiation of ascomycete fungi. Using molecular sequence analysis, we will examine whether differentiation within and between closely related species correlate to spatial or ecological factors, estimate species´ niche amplitude and dissemination, and study how the morphological variation correlates with the genetic. The project includes work in the field, museum collections and molecular lab, as well as phylogenetic and population genetic sequence analyses and morphological microscopy studies.

Use the link below for more information about the position or contact Åsa Kruys, tel: +46 18- 471 2770 or Stefan Ekman, tel: +46 18- 471 2821.

You are welcome to submit you application no later than June, 15th, 2012.

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