Stockholm Phylogenomics Group – Aktiviteter Hösten 2012

Höstens aktiviteter för Stockholm Phylogenomics Group  är nu uppdaterade!

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Dear members of the Stockholm Phylogenomics Group (SPG):

This is the program for the first part of the fall semester; we are still working on the activities for the early winter. More information will be available on the SPG mailing list shortly before each event.

To add or delete names to the SPG list, contact me at

Cordially welcome to our activities!

For the SPG,



Stockholm Phylogenomics Group

Fall 2012 (Part 1)

Wednesday September 26, 15.15 Seminar

Room 306 (The Cramér Room) House 6, Kräftriket

Sebastian Höhna (Stockholm University): ”Estimating non-constant species diversification rates and patterns under incomplete, systematic species sampling”

Wednesday October 3, 13.00 Seminar

Small lecture hall (Lilla hörsalen), Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Prof. Bernhard Misof (Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander König, University of Bonn): ”Phylogenomics and the evolution of insects – The 1KITE project”

Tuesday October 9, 15.00 Seminar and Software Demonstration

MIN-LIG seminar room (beyond mineral exhibit), Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Prof. Bruce Rannala (University of California, Davis): ”Species delimitation using multilocus sequence data”

At 16.00, after the seminar, Bruce will demonstrate his and Ziheng Yang’s software for Bayesian species delimitation using multilocus sequence data.

Tuesday November 6, 15.00 Journal Club

Room 526, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

We discuss Bouchard-Côté et al.: Phylogenetic Inference via Sequential Monte Carlo Syst Biol (2012) 61(4): 579-593


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