Highly motivated and skilled applicants from all countries are invited to apply for a post-doc opportunity in the group of Alexandre Antonelli ( at the University of Gothenburg, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Sweden, in close collaboration with researchers in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the USA. You will participate in a dynamic and international research environment aimed at disentangling the evolutionary processes underlying biological diversity and its future.

Work tasks

You will help selecting fossil calibration points for dating higher-level phylogenetic trees of all animals and plants. These fossils will be linked to the bioinformatic pipeline in SUPERSMART (Self-Updating Platform for Estimating Rates of Speciation and Migration, Ages and Relationships of Taxa; see You will then use time-calibrated phylogenies to test for correlations between age, species richness, range sizes and extinction threats; temperature fluctuations and changes in diversification rates; among other empirical tests and analyses.

Evaluation criteria

Requirements: Candidates are required to have a PhD and at least two scientific publications and solid experience handling phylogenetic trees. You must also be fluent in English and have excellent communication skills.

Other advantageous skills: The ideal candidate will also have experience in some or several of the following skills: molecular dating; palaeontology; biogeography; bioinformatics including programming/scripting in R, Python or Perl; statistics; GIS; ecological theory and methods.

We are seeking a candidate who is independent, self-motivated, and interested in the use or development of new methods and approaches, in short, a person willing to go beyond the state-of-the-art in the field. We will attach great importance to personal characteristics and independence in learning and working, creativity and documented productivity.

Starting date, duration and conditions

The position is available immediately or upon agreement. Please note that funding for this particular project is provided by a stipend and is therefore not associated with a formal employment at the University, which will nevertheless provide a working desk and all the working facilities given to regular employees.  The grant (in total SEK 240,000) covers a 1-year full-time working duty. There is the possibility to apply for a 1-year extension. Commuting is a possibility if there are special reasons.


The application should consist of a single pdf and include: 1) A short letter with the applicant’s motivation for the application that describes how the applicant meets the selection criteria (max. one A4 page); 2) A list of relevant qualifications (CV; max 5 pages); 3) Complete list of publications, including submitted and accepted manuscripts.

Deadline for applications

Please submit your application, or let me know your interest in the position, as soon as possible. The evaluation process will begin on April 17th. The position will be filled as soon as an appropriate candidate is chosen.

Additional information and enquiries

Associate Professor Alexandre Antonelli. University of Gothenburg, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. E-mail

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