ForBio taxonomy travel grants

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ForBio arranges courses to train new taxonomists, but for some organism groups the number of interested students is too small for a full-scale course to be worthwhile. In those cases ForBio can fund collaboration between ForBio members and taxonomic experts. These funds aim to allow the student to work with particular collections, to learn new preparation techniques directly from the expert, and to discuss taxonomic problems with a group of people with similar scientific focus but situated at another institution.

ForBio will fund members (PhDs and postdocs only) who will benefit from such collaboration for a stay of one to five weeks at the institute of the expert.

The grant covers costs for travel and provides a weekly allowance of 2600 NOK towards accommodation or other costs. Please note that we have a limited budget for travel grants and we will prioritize grant applications based on the scientific quality of the planned work and on how the collaboration is going to help the applicant’s scientific project.

You can apply here:

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