PhD position in Systematic Biology (deadline March 13)

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The project “Phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis of the genus Pavonia (plant family Malvaceae) using gene capture and Next Generation Sequencing” seeks to answer the following questions: How are the species of Pavonia related? Are the polyploids in the genus of hybrid origin, and thus is the phylogeny a network? Is there a pattern in the timing of when polyploidy arose? What is the biogeographic history of the genus? What factors (e.g., geographic, edaphic, biotic) can explain the high number of species in the neotropics?

There is scope within the project for significant methodological development, probably in collaboration with theoretical systematists/mathematicians.

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Best wishes

Bernard Pfeil and Alexandre Antonelli


Dr. Alexandre Antonelli

Associate professor, Scientific curator

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

University of Gothenburg

Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B, 413 19 Göteborg, Sweden


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