PhD Fellowship in Evolutionary Genomics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark

A fully funded Ph. D. fellowship on the evolution of plastid genomes in parasitic plants is available from January 1st, 2015 or soon thereafter in the Evolutionary Genomics group at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The fellowship will be an integral part of an interdisciplinary 3-year research project entitled: ”The Fate of Organellar Genomes in Parasitic Plants” financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research│Natural Sciences. The research project has an international scope with collaborators in the USA and Canada.

Project area

The Ph. D. student will primarily investigate the relationships between genome evolution (e.g., gene contents and genome structure) of plastids and levels of parasitism in seed plants in a phylogenomic context.

Primary supervisors are Gitte Petersen and Ole Seberg, The Natural History Museum of Denmark.

For the full text and procedures See:

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