PhD position in Biology (macroevolution) – University of Gothenburg

Dear colleagues,

Please help us advertise this fully funded PhD position in Biology to any potential candidates.

The applicant will work on macroevolutionary analyses of living and extinct taxa. The project, funded through a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship, aims at identifying major drivers of speciation and extinction through time and space. We aim at answering questions such as why some lineages have produced many more species and genera than others; how climate change has affected biodiversity in the past; which regions, biomes and traits are most closely associated with the evolutionary success of clades; how clades compete with each other over evolutionary time; what is the biogeographical history of particular lineages; and what is the influence of phenotypic traits on biogeographical processes.

The project will involve compiling (or generating) and analysing phylogenetic and fossil data, and potentially the development of methods aimed at macro evolutionary inferences. The details of the project can be adjusted based on the candidate´s skills and interests.

A full description and information on how to apply can be found at:

(and in Swedish):

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Alexandre Antonelli, PhD

Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Associate professor, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences,

University of Gothenburg

Lab homepage:

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