Course at the Swedish Museum of Natural History on R in Biodiversity Analysis

Two-day course in biodiversity analysis “R in Biodiversity Analysis: rOpenSci for all” Tuesday-Wednesday January 24-25 2017.

While in recent years the availability to biodiversity information has increased dramatically, successively more researchers and analysts have employed R programming for presentation and analysis in ecology, evolutionary and conservation biology, and environmental management practice.

By a collaborative effort GBIF-Sweden, the Bioinformatics and Genetics unit at theSwedish Museum of Natural History, EU BON and Swedish LifeWatch now offer a two-day course in R programming introducing up-to-date tools for application and analysis within these fields of science and management.

By bringing together some of the world´s most prominent R developers we expect to be able to offer a wide-ranging introduction to the topic, to present possibilities for customized tools adaptation, and opportunities for individual practice.

Welcome to the course! Please find detailed information regarding the two-day programme and registration instructions at Additional information will be published successively at the same address. Remember to register no later than January 16.

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