Bayesian Phylogenomics Monday December 12

Stockholm Phylogenomics Group is pleased to invite you to

Bayesian Phylogenomics Monday
Monday December 12
Department of Mathematics
Stockholm University

10.00 Licentiate seminar, Kräftriket Bldg 6, Room 306 (the Cramér Room)

Sebastian Höhna presents his licentiate thesis ”Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference”
Faculty Opponent: Docent Lars Arvestad, KTH

13.15 – 16.30. Minisymposium, Kräftriket Bldg 5, Room 21

13.15  Lars Arvestad, Joel Sjöstrand and Jens Lagerblad
Modeling lateral gene transfer: theory

13.45  Jens Lagerblad, Joel Sjöstrand and Lars Arvestad
Modeling lateral gene transfer: implementation


14.45  Bastien Bousseau, Gergely Szollosi, Laurent Duret, Manolo Gouy, Eric Tannier, Vincent Daubin
Genome-scale simultaneous inference of species and gene trees

15.15  Fredrik Ronquist, Sebastian Höhna, John Huelsenbeck
RevBayes and graphical models in phylogenetics

15.45 Sebastian Höhna
Bayesian phylogenetics using graphical models

16.15 Concluding remarks

We also invite you to the previously announced 

RevBayes Developer Workshop

Tuesday to Friday, December 13 – 16
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Main building, Room 526 (Dec 13), and Room 525 (all other days)
9.00 – 16.00
The workshop is completely informal and primarily aimed at developersSebastian
Höhna will give a thorough demonstration of the current RevBayes core and its
capabilities and limitation on Tuesday, after which we expect the workshop agenda
to be set by the participants. Participate a half-day, two days or all days, as you
Stockholm Phylogenomics Group / Fredrik Ronquist

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