Final call for the ForBio course ”Biosystematics methods and biodiversity”

Dear all,
On behalf of the research school in biosystematics – ForBio – I am sending a reminder about the course ”Biosystematics methods and biodiversity” that will be held July 30 – August 4, 2012 at Skibotn field station, Troms, Norway .
Expertise in collecting natural history specimens, gathering data associated with them, their identification based on morphological characters, and preservation for natural history collections is rapidly disappearing in many countries. This course aims to provide field experience for PhD students and post-docs in biosystematics who want to gain increased knowledge of specimen and data collection, specimen identification, and preservation for taxonomic research.
The registration deadline is June 15, 2012, but please see important registration information at or contact Sergei Drovetski directly at
The course is arranged by the Research School in Biosystematics – ForBio. There is no course fee, and PhD students/postdocs registered at Swedish or Norwegian universities can become ForBio members and will then have their travel and accommodation costs covered. For information about ForBio and its membership, please see
This course will cover birds, vascular plants, and bryophytes.
Hope to see you at Skibotn, Sergei Drovetski.
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