Marine zooplankton: diversity, systematics and biology

STIRS and ForBio proudly announces an advanced course on these fascinating organisms. The course will be held May 27-31, 2013, The Lovén Center for Marine Sciences, Tjärnö (Sweden). Application deadline: May 4, 2013.

Marine zooplankton is a term summarizing an incredibly high diversity of species from 18 animal phyla, partly spending their entire lifetime in the pelagic environment (holoplankton) or having a pelagic (usually larval) life stage (meroplankton). While some holoplanktonic organisms have high ecological impact on marine foodchains, lies much of the biodiversity in the meroplanktonic life stages of benthic animals. Knowledge of appropriate sampling and preparation techniques, identification skills – including a general awareness of changes in morphology due to ontogenetic stages-, and an understanding of taxonomic difficulties are prerequisite for all studies on planktonic organisms.

More information on this exciting course can be found here:


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