Training course on identification of soil fauna

This course is arranged by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (STI) and the Research School In Biosystematics (ForBio), and is given in Uppsala at the Ecology department, SLU in 10-14 november 2014.

The course will cover the most important soil fauna groups. Teaching consists of lectures by internationally renowned experts followed by practical seminars to give students hands-on determination experience. Emphasis will be on understanding the diversity in a soil sample, in addition to acheive a deeper knowledge of identification and sampling in at least one of the studied organism groups: Potworms (Enchytraeidae, småringmaskar); springtails (Collembola, hoppstjärtar); soil nematodes (Nematoda, marklevande rundmaskar); oribatid mites (Oribatida, hornkvalster); woodlice (soil living Isopoda, gråsuggor); or soil living insect larvae (Insecta, marklevande insektslarver).

More information about the workshop and instructions on how to register can be found on the webpages of ForBio, Svenska artprojektet (Swedish Taxonomy Initiative) and Artsdatabanken. Application deadline is October 20, 2014.

Contact Sanna Nordström at STI ( or Aino Hosia at ForBio ( ) for more information.

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