ForBio and UiB course: Introduction to phylogenetic methods

Time and place: Nov 2 – Nov 6, 2015, University of Bergen

ForBio opens for participation of up to 8 students from Nordic universities in the regular University of Bergen (UiB) course Phylogenetic methods (

The course is aimed primarily at students who will do phylogenetic computation in their thesis work, but who have no hands-on experience with some of the more frequently used software applications. Introductory lectures will cover topics such as properties of data and trees, models of evolutionary change, phylogenetic signal, model testing, and hypothesis testing. The students will learn how to prepare their data, explore the properties of the data, how to use distance, parsimony, likelihood and Bayesian methods in computation in packages such as PAUP*, MrBayes, BEAST, RaxML, and how to present results with graphical applications.

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Application deadline is October 5th, 2015, and applications should be sent directly by email to: The application must indicate the academic background of the applicant and the topic and the present state of progress in the thesis work. Please add a recommendation from your supervisor.

Contact Endre Willassen ( for questions about the course or Hugo de Boer ( for more information about ForBio.