Reminder: Systematics/biodiversity symposium in Oslo November 5th


 Systematics and Biodiversity Research in the Era of Genomics

Dr. Kirsti Strøm Bull, of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters: Welcome

Dr. Per Sundberg, Chief Editor The Zoologica Scripta: Zoologica Scripta: past, present, and the future

Dr. Casey Dunn, Brown University, USA: New tools provide new perspectives on animal evolution

Dr. Gonzalo Giribet, Harvard University, USA: Genomics and the animal tree of life

Dr. Thomas Gilbert, The University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Phylo-, Populo-, Meta- and Palaeo-: The Expanding Possibilities of Genomics

Dr. Barbara Gravendeel, Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, The Netherlands: Added Value of NGS Based Metabarcoding for Evolutionary Studies

Dr. Alexander Suh, Uppsala University, Sweden: Mobile Genetic Elements and the Complexity of Super-rapid Speciation in Birds

Dr. Scott Edwards, Harvard University, USA: Unifying Genome History and Function in Avian Phylogenetics

Dr. Matthew Webster, Uppsala University, Sweden: The evolutionary history of the honeybee revealed by genomics

Dr. Mark Blaxter, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom: The Evolution of Parasitism in Phylum Nematoda: Genomes Reveal Patterns

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