Last chance to apply for two SIU and ForBio courses

SIU and ForBio course: Biodiversity data management and Open data

Nov 2-5, Tartu, Estonia

What are the modern, efficient, mistake-proof ways to collect and manage field and lab data, identifiers, traits, and environmental variables? How can you store your data to easily integrate with external databases?
This hands-on SIU and ForBio course on Biodiversity data management and Open data covers the basics of data collecting, data management, and publishing Open Data.

Last chance to apply, deadline 22 August!

SIU and ForBio course: Polypores as tools in forest conservation

Sep 19-23, Lammi Biological Station, Finland

Polypores are dominant wood decomposers in boreal forests, and the basis of the saprobic wood web. Polypores are used as indicators of high conservation value forests in Nordic countries, and during this course one will learn how to identify polypores and selected corticioid fungi, focusing on indicator species. Also you will be familiarized with the concept of indicator species and indexes in practical use. The course includes lectures and daily field work in different types of forests, including old-growth forests.

Last chance to apply, deadline 22 August!

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