ForBio/STIRS course: Microalgae – systematics and taxonomy

September 11-22 , 2017, Drøbak Marine Research Station, Norway

The course will present and overview of the microalgae – marine and freshwater, pelagic and benthic. We will cover the systematics, taxonomy and identification of ochrophytes (including diatoms), dinoflagellates, haptophytes, chlorophytes, cryptophytes, euglenophytes and cyanobacteria. Sessions will include lectures, fieldwork and laboratory exercises. The students will be trained in various techniques for identification and sampling. The target group is PhD students, master students, researchers, consultants, government officials/museum staff – with relevant background in biology. Registration will open soon, and be announced on the ForBio Facebook page. Contact: ForBio coordinator Aino Hosia, e-mail: or STIRS representative:

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