ForBio and STIRS Course: Microalgae – systematics, taxonomy and species identification

Time and place: Sep. 11, 2017 Sep. 22, 2017Biological Station Drøbak, Norway

photo: Jahn Throndsen, UiO

This practical course will present an overview of the microalgae – marine and freshwater, pelagic and benthic. We will cover the systematics, taxonomy and identification of ochrophytes (including diatoms), dinoflagellates, haptophytes, chlorophytes, cryptophytes, euglenophytes and cyanobacteria. Sessions will include lectures, fieldwork and laboratory exercises. The students will be trained in various techniques for identification and sampling.

Learning targets:

  • General understanding of systematics and taxonomy of microalgae including cyanobacteria
  • A variety of techniques for collecting microalgae
  • Techniques for species identification

A number of expert teachers (currently confirmed: Wenche Eikrem, Bente Edvardsen, Nina Lundholm, Anna Godhe, Birger Skjelbred) are responsible for different parts of the course. Participants are expected to read the course curriculum (to be announced) prior to the course, and take active part in all sessions.

Target group: PhD students, master students, postdocs, researchers, consultants, government officials, museum staff – with relevant background in biology.

Working language: English/Scandinavian

Recommended course credits: 5 ECTS

Examination: Digital exam end of September

Fee: No course fee for accepted participants

Accommodation, food and travel: Shared dormitory accommodation is free of charge. Meals are not included, but the station has cooking facilities and food can be bought and prepared together in shifts. ForBio will cover travel for Norwegian ForBio members.

Number of participants: Maximum 20. In case of more applicants, participants will be selected based on the scientific, educational and/or professional merit of the course for the applicants, with priority given ForBio members and students/researchers enrolled in the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (STIRS) or NABIS. Results of the selection process will be announced via e-mail ca. one week after the application deadline.

Registration: By June 15th 2017. Please register using this online form, including a statement of motivation and a short CV outlining relevant experience and level of education.

Questions: ForBio coordinator Aino Hosia or STIRS representative Maria Backlund.

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