A few spots left on the STI and ForBio course: Baltic macrophytes – systematics, sampling, species identification. Apply by 31.08

Time and place: Sep. 12, 2021 9:00 AM–Sep. 18, 2021 5:00 PM, Askö laboratory – Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, SwedenAdd to calendar

Сourse scope:

The course will present and provide an overview of macrophytes in the Baltic sea. It will cover the systematics, taxonomy and identification of different macrophyte groups, including macroalgae, phanerogams and bryophytes. Sessions will include lectures, fieldwork and laboratory exercises. The students will learn various techniques for identification and sampling.

Learning targets:

  • General understanding of systematics and taxonomy of macrophytes
  • Techniques for collecting macrophytes
  • Techniques for species identification

Maximum number of participants: 20, in case of more applicants, participants will be selected based on the scientific, educational and/or professional merit of the course, with priority given ForBio members and students/researchers enrolled in the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (STI).

Target group: PhD students, master students, postdocs, researchers, consultants, government officials, museum staff with relevant background in biology.

Working language: English/Scandinavian

Course schedule: here

Assignment and credits: The course is equivalent to 2 ECTS. ForBio will provide certificates for those that successfully complete the course assignment. 

Registration: Late registration is open until August 31st. Register here. The course includes the boatride to Askö, as well as lodging and food. There is no course fee for ForBio members. ForBio associates will have to pay 2100 SEK to the station for use of the facilities and lodging. Food will be covered for all participants.

Find out about how to become a ForBio member/associate here.

Application deadline: August 31st.

Contact: ForBio coordinatorQuentin Mauvisseauor STI representative Maria Backlund

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