Program Systematikdagarna

Please find below the preliminary program (as of 17 Nov) for Systematikdagarna on 29–30 Nov. Lots of exciting talks! One free slot left – why don’t you take the opportunity to present your research!

Note that the registration was temporarily closed, but is now open again. Don’t forget to register in order to get the zoom link and password needed to participate (will be sent out closer to the event).

More posters are needed, so please provide that!

We’re looking forward to meeting you all online.

Per Alström (chairman; on behalf of the organising committee)

10:00–10:10Per AlströmWelcome
Session I: Methods – Chair: Allison Perrigo
10:10–10:50Graham BuddThe fossil record: friend or fraud? Using the oldest fossils to estimate clade origin times
10:50–11:10Brendan FurneauxRapid DNA extraction from fungal fruit bodies and High Throughput Barcoding with MinION
11:30–11:50Tobias AndermannNew computational tools and pipelines for biodiversity research in the era of genomics and AI
11:50–12:10Jakub TruszkowskiRapidly Computing the Phylogenetic Transfer Index
12:10–13:10Lunch break
Session II: Delimiting taxa – Chair: Rasmus Hovmöller
13:10–13:30Loïs RancilhacContributions of genome-wide data to amphibian systematics
13:30–13:50Alexander OrdynetsGeometric morphometric analysis of spore shapes improves identification of fungi
13:50–14:10Jacob HöglundPeripatric speciation in grouse?
14:20–14:40Mahwash JamyA phylogenetic perspective on environmental diversity
14:40–15:00Emily HartopLarge-scale integrative taxonomy
Session III: Current and future challenges/directions for systematics – Chair: Bengt Oxelman
15:20–15:50Gudrun KadereitGene tree conflict is inconvenient but matters – example C4 evolution
15:50–16:20Fredrik RonquistBig data, AI, and systematics
16:30–17:00Alexandre AntonelliUnleashing the power of systematics to tackle society’s biggest challenges
17:00–17:30Michael DonoghueFuture systematics: clade biology meets phylogenetic biology
Session IV: Communication – Chair: Anneli Svanholm
10:00–10:20Wouter KochMachine learning tool for citizen science
10:20–10:40Maria BacklundDyntaxa – the Swedish Taxonomic Backbone
10:40–11:00Mark MarissinkNews from SLU Swedish Species Information Centre
Session V: Tree of life – Chair: Mahwash Jamy, Maria Backlund, Anna Rosling
11:20–11:40Mårten KlinthDegeberga Clitellate Expedition 2020
11:40–12:00Leidys Murillo RamosRevisiting the phylogenetic relationships of geometrid moths by exploring whole-genome sequencing data
12:00–13:00Lunch break
13:00–13:20Nils CronbergA genomic approach to resolve the taxonomical confusion in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha-complex
13:20–13:40free slot
13:40–14:00Poster session
14:10–14:30Chahinez BouguercheTaxonomy and systematics of digenetic trematodes parasitizing fishes of Sweden
14:30–14:50Ellen LarssonTruffles – hypogeous fruiting fungi; A short report from the Swedish truffle project
15:10–15:50David HibbettTBA
15:55–16:35Scott EdwardsFifteen years of species trees: history and future of multispecies coalescent models in phylogenetic
16:40–17:20Lacey KnowlesIncorporating the speciation process into species delimitation
17:20–17:30Per AlströmClosing
17:40–18:15Per AlströmSvenska Systematikföreningen’s Annual General Meeting

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