The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative and ForBio presents: DNA barcoding course 28-30 November, Uppsala

The course aims to present the DNA barcoding technique for species identification/taxonomy/keys/species descriptions/estimates of biodiversity etc. The concept, the techniques, databases, theory, applications e.g. monitoring, larvae,
gut content, customs, pitfalls, drawbacks and advantages. Sessions will contain e.g. laptop exercises, discussions, an ecologists view on species ID and monitoring/management/diversity index. We will broadly cover different organism groups (fungi, plants, inverts, verts, marine org. and protozoa).

Where?  Naturicum, Uppsala: Bäcklösavägen (direction Gottsunda).

Confirmed teachers so far:
Per Sundberg and Sarah Bourlat: introduction, concept of barcoding and MOTU:s
Tomas Lyrholm: case study from Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Torbjörn Ekrem: NorBOL, databases & laptop exercises

Target group: PhD students with a general background in biology
Working language: English/Scandinavian
Recommended course credits: 1.5 ECTS
Fee: No course fee. For members of ForBio (Research School in Biosystematics: and STIRS (Swedish Taxonomy Initiative Research school) travel and accomodation costs get refunded. Other participants pay for travel and accommodation.

Registration: Registrations, which should be accompanied by a short CV (indicating the nature and stage of your research project) can be sent til Oct 26. Priority will be given to those PhD-students enrolled in the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative’s Research School
and members of ForBio if the maximum number of course participants is exceeded by the number of registrations.
Number of participants: Maximum 20.
Registration: Malin Strand, Coordinator STIRS (Swedish Taxonomy Initiative Research School:
and-projects/artdatabanken/the-swedish-taxonomy-initiative/research/research-school/), e-mail:, tel: +46(0)705-654246
ForBIO coordinator: Christiane Todt, PhD, e-mail:

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