Public seminar: Collecting without being arrested!

Seminar: Collecting without being arrested

14 March 2013

Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM), Locality: Lilla Hörsalen

The seminar deals with the implications of the Convention on Biological Diversity and ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’ (ABS) and the Nagoya protocol for natural history collections and scientific collecting and research, relevant to researchers in life sciences and collection personnel. Issues raised will address how to legally collect scientific specimens and samples in foreign countries, how to assure to follow the regulations when working with loans and donations in collection management, and how the implementation of the Nagoya protocol into EU and Swedish legislation is progressing.

Preliminary programme

13.00 Per Ericson, Science director, NRM. Welcome and Introduction to the seminar.

13.10 Börje Alriksson, Ministry of the Environment. A new EU regulation on ABS and its Swedish implementation.

13:30 China Williams, CBD Education Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Legal aspects of access to collections: tools for implementing the CBD.

14.20 – 14.50 Coffee break

14.50 Mari Källersjö, Director of Gothenburg Botanical Garden. IPEN – an exchange network for botanic gardens for non-commercial exchange of plant material, based on the CBD.

15.10 Panel discussion and questions.

16.00 Closing the seminar

Very welcome!

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