ForBio Annual Meeting 2016 in Trondheim

ForBio is organising its annual meeting in Trondheim and registration is now open. ForBio annual meetings aim to gather scientists and students working on or interested in biosystematics in order discuss about current projects and results, share experience on methods and strengthen networking within the scientific community. This year, the meeting will be held in Trondheim, Norway, from Monday April 25th to Wednesday 27th. Registration deadline March 1st.

Keynote speakers will be invited to this meeting and will give valuable talks on the state of the art within the field of taxonomy and systematics, with the objective to inspire members on how cutting edge methods can innovate our field. We encourage attendees to use this meeting as an opportunity to present and discuss their own research as it provides a platform for exchange and dialogue about biosystematics.

There is no registration fee and you are all welcome to participate. ForBio members (PhD students and Postdocs) presenting their research (oral or poster) will have free travel and shared accommodation booked through ForBio.

For more information and registration please visit the website:

Best, Hugo/ForBio

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