Systematikmöte 23 oktober

Systematics – a future perspective.

A joint meeting focusing on future research areas, career strategies, networks and cross-thinking

  • When: October 23:rd 2017 at 10.00-16.30
  • Location: Lilla föreläsningssalen at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm (Frescativägen 40, T-bana Universitet)

9-10         Arrival, fika

10             Welcome and introduction

10.05-11                  Strategies for an academic career/Survival in academia for systematists

Mats Wedin (NRM), Per Alström (SLU), Christine Bacon (GU) and open discussion. Moderator: Mats Wedin

Invited speakers tell their own stories, including active choices and coincidences, and the pros and cons on collaborations with other scientific fields (e.g. bioinformatics, conservation biology, big data, citizen science, ecology, biodiversity, climate research).

11-12 (ca)             Svenska systematikföreningen – årsmöte (Swedish Systematics Association – annual general meeting; in Swedish)

12-13       Lunch served in “Fossilen”, the museum restaurant

13-14       Advice and strategies for research applications

Christer Erséus (GU), Fredrik Ronquist (NRM), Irene Bisang (NRM) and open discussion. Moderator: Mats Wedin

How is the reasoning and thoughts in an application board? What is a good application? Why are applications rejected?

14-14.25                  Fika

14.25-15.10            Non-academic career – does it exist for systematists?

Dave Karlsson (Station Linné), Åsa Krüger (Botaniska trädgården Göteborg), non-confirmed speaker. Moderator: Malin Strand

Are systematists needed outside the universities and museums?

15.15-16               Systematic research in the future?

Ulf Gärdenfors (SLU): Swedish Taxonomy Initiative – future visions for aims, grants, research priorities, applications

Speakers from sessions and open discussion: What future meet todays students? In what context will systematists work in the future? What skills will be most worth tomorrow? Can we identify the major possibilities for systematists of tomorrow? Moderator: Malin Strand

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