Thoughts from the new chairman

Hi all systematists,

As newly elected chairman of the Swedish Systematics Association (svenska systematikföreningen), I’d like to share a few thoughts with you.

Systematikdagarna in Lund

MANY THANKS to Niklas Wahlberg, Jadranka Rota, Bente Eriksen, Nicolas Chazot, Leidys Murillo and Pavel Matos  for the excellent arrangements!

MANY THANKS also to all the speakers and poster presenters for your fascinating, professional presentations!

And MANY THANKS to all of you who attended Systematikdagarna without presenting anything (except yourselves!) for your good company! I wish I had had a chance to talk to many more of you. Hopefully next time…

I’m looking forward to next year’s event In Göteborg!

Old and new boards of the Swedish Systematics Association

MANY THANKS to those who served on the board since Nov 2017: Ulf Jondelius (chairman), Svante Martinsson (vice chairman), Mats Wedin (secretary), Emma Wahlberg (treasurer) and Anja Rautenberg (adjunct, webmaster). (I was also a member.)

The new board, elected at Systematikdagarna in Lund, consists of Niklas Wahlberg (vice chairman), Mats Wedin (secretary), Emma Wahlberg (treasurer), Ellen Sandström and the undersigned (chairman). Anja Rautenberg accepted the board’s request to be an adjunct member, acting as webmaster.

Membership issues

Welcome as a member! Annual membership is 200 SEK for ordinary members and free for pre-PhD students (see below). Please pay to Plusgiro 50 86 22-8 or Bankgiro 400-5971. Remember to give your name and what year the membership concerns when you pay. Please also register on the webpage:, if you haven’t already done that (under “Registrera” on the Home page).

Students who wish to become members should also register on the web page and also inform the treasurer, Emma Wahlberg (

The web page is currently only available in Swedish. Is there any need for an English version? Anything that you think would be useful to add to our web page? Is it at all useful?

Remember that there is a message function on the web page, where you can send messages to everybody who has registered. You need to be logged-in in to send messages. After logging in, click on “+ Skapa” in the black bar above the association’s logo, and choose “Inlägg”. The rest is hopefully rather straightforward even if you can’t read Swedish. When done, click on the blue button ”Publicera” to the right.

The board would be most grateful for suggestions on other things you think we could improve.

And last, but not least, I wish you all a joyful Christmas and New Year holiday, and a new year full of wonderful species!

Per Alström or
070-454 6965

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