Centennial anniversary of the ecotype concept: the legacy of Göte Turesson – 29th of November

This year is the centennial anniversary of the ecotype concept, which was coined by the Swedish geneticist Göte Turesson in 1922. Since then, the ecotype has served – and is still serving – as a focal concept in evolutionary ecology, especially in studies of the interaction between plants and their environment. The concept and methods introduced by Turesson have also had a large impact on the assessment of phenotypic variation for crop improvement, in its modern form known as ”envirotyping”.

Turesson got his basic education in Biology at the University of Washington, USA. He returned to Sweden and received his PhD from Lund University in 1923. He was active in southern Sweden until 1935 when he became a professor in systematic botany and genetics at the Agricultural College at Ultuna outside Uppsala. 

We plan to celebrate the anniversary by organizing a symposium in the late autumn this year. The symposium will be held on 29th November together with the annual NordPlant meeting on “Envirotyping for plant breeding and precision agriculture”  which takes place the day after, 30th November.  Both meetings are located at Blå Hallen, Ecology Building, Lund University. The symposium will be in a hybrid format, with the option to participate online. 

The programme on 29th November starts with a welcome reception between 08.30-09.15, followed by a general introduction and then a presentation of the historical context of the ecotype concept by Anna Tunlid (Lund University). Invited specialists will present different aspects of present-day applications of the ecotype concept. Confirmed speakers include Timo van der Niet (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), Hans Jaqcuemyn (KU Leuven, The Netherlands), Sophie Karrenberg (Uppsala University), Marie Brandrud (Oslo University), Honor C. Prentice (Lund University) and Björn Widén (Lund University). 

There here are open slots for contributed talks. Please, contact magne.friberg@biol.lu.se if you would like to contribute!

We have launched a webpage where you can register for updates about the symposium:

Organizers: Stefan Andersson, Nils Cronberg, Magne Friberg, Mikael Hedrén, Øystein Opedal from Lund University and Helena Persson from SLU Alnarp

Sponsors: Elly Olssons fond, Mendelian Society in Lund

PhD position in Bryology

We have got a Ph D project about ”Hidden diversity in the genus Bryum” funded from the Swedish Species Initiative.

The project focus on the large number of non-sporulating specimen we find in nature, whether they belong to known species or not and how they are related to established taxa.

The supervisor group, consists of Torbjörn Tyler and myself (Lund University) and Lars Hedenäs (Swedish Natural History Museum).

So, we are now taking the first steps to recruit a PhD student to the project.

You find the announcement on the web-site below:


I would appreciate if you could promote this announcement to strong candidates.

The last date for application is 8 February.

/Nils Cronberg, Lund University

PhD position announcement

Lund University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology

We seek a PhD student for a project: 

Ecotype differentiation in plants – a first step towards speciation?
– Scorzoneroides (= Leontodon) autumnalis as a model to link phenotypic expression and genomic differentiation with ecotype specialization, phylogeographic history and taxonomic complexity

Short project description

Scandinavia has been recolonized by plants after the last glaciation and only a few species are endemics. On the other hand, several groups of plants have developed more or less distinct ecotypes. These may represent a first step towards speciation, initiated after post-glacial migration. They may alternatively represent older lineages that have different immigration histories, which have arrived from different directions or at different times. Differentiation may thus have originated at one or several occasions and the future development is dependent on local selection pressures, gene flow among ecotypes and eventual development of sterility barriers. The Asteraceae family belong to the crown of the angiosperm phylogenetic tree, representing one of the fastest radiating families during the recent millions of years. We aim to understand what traits have made this plant family successful through studies of Scorzoneroides autumnalis

For details, see:

Dagordning för årsmöte med Svenska systematikföreningen (SSF)

Here is the agenda for the annual meeting of the Swedish Systematics Association (in Swedish). Note point 12: We call for subjects for symposia during the upcoming international conference BIOSYST EU 2017, which will be organized by the Association in Gothenburg 15-18 August 2017. Members who are not attending ”Systematikdagarna 2015” can submit suggestions to the president of the Swedish Systematics Association, Ulf Jondelius.

Här är dagordningen för Svenska systematikföreningens årsmöte. Notera särskilt punkt 12: Vi efterlyser förslag till ämnen för symposier under den kommande internationella konferensen BIOSYST EU 2017, som organiseras av föreningen i Göteborg 15-18 augusti 2017. Medlemmar som inte har möjlighet att delta på årsmötet kan skicka förslag till föreningens ordförande Ulf Jondelius.

Datum: 24 november 2015

Tid: kl. 15.30-16.30

Plats: Arkivcentrum Syd, Lund

  • 1. Mötet öppnas
  • 2. Val av mötesordförande, mötessekreterare och två justeringspersoner
  • 3. Fråga om mötet blivit i behörig ordning utlyst
  • 4. Styrelsens årsberättelse inklusive ekonomisk berättelse
  • 5. Revisionsberättelse
  • 6. Fråga om ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen för föregående års förvaltning
  • 7. Val av ordförande för föreningen
  • 8. Val av övriga styrelseledamöter
  • 9. Val av en revisor och en revisorssuppleant
  • 10. Val av valberedning på tre personer
  • 11. Fastställande av årsavgift
  • 12. Ärenden, som styrelsen förelägger årsmötet
  1. Information om konferensen BIOSYST EU 2017, samt förslag på ämnen för symposier under konferensen
  • 13. Förslag som med motivering inkommit till styrelsen senast fyra veckor innan årsmötet
  • 14. Övriga frågor
  • 15. Mötet avslutas

Väl mött!

Styrelsen för Svenska systematikföreningen

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