Senior curator, Zoology, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet closing 9 June

The Swedish Museum of Natural History is hiring a researcher for a position as Senior Curator at the Department of Zoology


The Department of Zoology was formed in spring 2013 after merging of the former departments of entomology, invertebrate zoology, and vertebrate zoology. At the department we curate large research collections of non-fossil animals which are continuously expanded and used by researchers at the museum as well as international researchers.

Research at the Department of Zoology is focused on phylogenetics, evolution, biodiversity, morphology, taxonomy and biogeography in a range of animal groups.


We seek an excellent researcher with an independent research program in systematic zoology to strengthen research and collections at the Department, and contribute to outreach and higher education activities. The research must be collection-based, or otherwise beneficial for collection enrichment and enhancement.



  • Conducting research at a high international level in systematic zoology; acquiring external research funding; publishing in high ranked international journals; presenting results of research at national and international conferences.


  • Participating in enrichment and revising of the scientific collections. The position includes curatorial responsibilities for part of the collections.


  • Supervising students at MSc and PhD level.


  • Teaching at graduate (including doctoral) and undergraduate levels.


  • Conveying scientific results to the public.


  • Participating in other activities at the department and the museum.




A doctoral degree (PhD) in biology with a specialty in systematic zoology. Well-documented scientific outcome with papers in international journals. A proven record of external funding is highly desirable. Experience of teaching and supervision, as well as building and managing a research group, is qualifying. Experience from museum-based collection management and fieldwork is qualifying. Preference may be given to a qualified candidate specialized in an organism group in which we are currently lacking taxonomic expertise.

Proficiency in English, social skills, and excellent ability to cooperate are requirements.


The application (in English) should consist of one PDF with the following items


  1. Cover letter explaining your interest in the position.
  2. Curriculum vitae, including all past and present academic career steps and employments.
  3. Publication list including all published scientific papers
  4. The five most important papers.
  5. Description of experience in research and collection management.
  6. Research plan within the announced position.
  7. Name, affiliation and e-mail address of two references.
  8. Other qualifications or information the applicant finds relevant for the present position.


Terms of employment

The position is a full time permanent appointment with a six month probationary period.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History can promote an employee to professor.

Non-Swedish speaking employees are expected to learn Swedish.


The Swedish museum of Natural History strives for gender balance and ethic and cultural diversity among its staff.


For more information (no applications), please contact Kjell Arne Johanson Head of the Department of Zoology (

Union representative is Emily Dock Åkerman, SACO-S. She can be reached at telephone number + 46 8 519 540 00.


The complete application must be submitted to or the Swedish Museum of Natural History, P. O. Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden, no later than June 9, 2017. Mark your application dnr 2.3.1-270-2017.

SU Botanik biträdande lektor i fylogeografi / Assistant professor in plant phylogeography Stockholm University

biträdande lektor i växtfylogeografi

Biträdande lektor i växtfylogeografi vid Institutionen för ekologi, miljö och botanik. Dnr SU FV-1702-14. Sista ansökningsdag: 2014-08-29

Assistant professor in plant phylogeography

Assistant professor in plant phylogeography at the Department of ecology, environment and plant sciences. Reference number SU FV-1702-14. Deadline for applications: August 29, 2014.

Postdoc: worm genomics in Stockholm

Post-doctoral researcher


A postdoc position is available in the research group of Ulf Jondelius at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm.
We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc with interest in animal evolution for a project using data from genome sequencing of microscopic marine worms (Acoelomorpha). Acoelomorpha are simple animals lacking many features present in other Bilateria (e.g. circulatory system, body cavity, excretory organs). Their phylogenetic position is highly contested: they have been proposed to be either the earliest extant bilaterians, part of the flatworms, or deuterostomes closely related to echinoderms and hemichordates. The conflicting hypotheses imply widely disparate interpretations of their morphological evolution as either primitively simple or secondarily reduced in complexity. We will sample genomic data to cover acoelomorph diversity aiming to reconstruct their phylogenetic position within the Metazoa and study the structure of the genomes expecting to find either a simple basal metazoan genome or higher bilaterian and deuterostome signatures. The succesful candidate will work on assembly and analysis of genomes from several acoelomorph species together with the PI, collaborators, students, and technicians and will be responsible for analyzing results, writing manuscripts, and contributing to the development of the project.


The project is a collaboration with SciLife lab in Stockholm and Uppsala and colleagues at the Sars Centre in Bergen, Norway.


The ideal candidate has a recent PhD in Bioinformatics, Genomics, Molecular or Evolutionary biology or related fields, experience in analyzing next-generation DNA sequence data, and a record of publishing in scientific journals.  Programming experience in a scripting language (such as Python or Perl) is desirable.


Starting date is September 1, 2013. The appointment is for two years.


Informal inquiries should be directed at  Ulf Jondelius ( The union representatives are Bodil Kajrup, SACO-S and Yvonne Arremo, ST can be reached at telephone number + 46 8 519 540 00.


How to apply:  Applicants should submit (1) a cover letter describing your
research interests and background, (2) a detailed CV (including
publications), and (3) the contact details of three references as a single pdf document to or to Swedish Museum of Natural History, Box 50007, SE 104 05 Stockholm, Sweden, no later than May 10, 2013. Mark your application with dnr 2.3.1-144-2013

Scratchpad-kurser på Naturhistoriska riksmuseet 7 och 8 Juni 21012

Teamet från Natural History Museum i London kommer att ge två endagskurser i Scratchpads på Naturhistoriska riksmuseet 7 och 8 juni 2012. Kursen 7 juni är en nybörjarkurs, och den 8 juni ges en mer avancerad kurs.

Scratchpads är ett EU-finansierat verktyg för att publicera och dela taxonomiska data.

Ett exempel på en Scratchpad:

Kurserna är avgiftsfria och anmälningssidan hittar man här:

Tag med egen bärbar dator!


Ulf Jondelius