Welcome to Göteborg on April 19: Scott Edwards’ lecture and inauguration of GGBC

Welcome to Scott Edward’s public lecture and inauguration of the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre

Date: April 19, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Conference Centre Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20 A, Wallenbergsalen, Göteborg


14.00 Welcome! – Karin Hårding, GoCas representative
14.05 Pam Fredman, rektor GU
14.10 Stefan Bengtsson, rektor Chalmers
14.15 Alexandre Antonelli, director Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre
14.25-15.10 Scott Edwards (Harvard University), Origins of Biodiversity: Birds, Dinosaurs and DNA
15.10-15.30 Questions and discussion
15.30-16.00 Coffee, cake and continued discussions. Informal poster session.
Origins of Biodiversity: Birds, Dinosaurs and DNA
Although we know from paleontology that dinosaurs are still among us in the form of birds today, it is less clear how dinosaur genomes changed to evolve into the streamlined, feathery creatures that are now found throughout the globe. In this talk we will take a journey starting from the dinosaur ancestors of birds and learn how modern genomics and evolutionary theory can tell us not only what dinosaur genomes looked like, but also the key events in DNA that transformed dinosaurs into birds. It is a fascinating story covering over 200 million years of evolution, and gives us insight into how birds are coping with modern pressures of human-induced global changes.

From early April to June 2017, Professor Scott V. Edwards from Harvard University is leading researchers from biology, medicine, mathematics, physics and computer science in a joint effort to reach new insights in the evolution of biodiversity on earth.

More information at: http://www.chalmers.se/en/centres/GoCAS/Events/Origin-of-Biodiversity/Pages/default.aspx

Swedish press release at: 

Dagordning till Systematikföreningens årsmöte 2016

Som tidigare meddelats kommer Systematikföreningens årsmöte att äga rum under Systematikdagarna 2016 som pågår 21-22 november i Uppsala.


  1. Mötet öppnas
  2. Val av mötesordförande, mötessekreterare och två justeringspersoner
  3. Fråga om mötet blivit i behörig ordning utlyst
  4. Styrelsens årsberättelse inklusive ekonomisk berättelse
  5. Revisionsberättelse
  6. Fråga om ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen för föregående års förvaltning
  7. Val av ordförande för föreningen
  8. Val av övriga styrelseledamöter
  9. Val av en revisor och en revisorssuppleant
  10. Val av valberedning på tre personer
  11. Fastställande av eventuell årsavgift
  12. Ärenden, som styrelsen förelägger årsmötet
    1. BioSyst EU 2017
    2. Ev. övriga ärenden
  13. Övriga frågor som med motivering inkommit till styrelsen senast fyra veckor innan årsmötet
  14. Mötet avslutas


Registration for Systematikdagarna 2016

There have been some problems with confirmation e-mails for those who have registered for Systematikdagarna 2016. I have now experimented with the settings, and hope that it works better now. If you have tried to register, but not yet received a confirmation e-mail, please let me know at webmasterSNABELAsystematikforeningen.se (replace SNABELA with @)!

Systematikdagarna 2016 will take place in Uppsala 21-22 November. Last day to register at reduced fee is 31 October. Programme and registration: http://systematikforeningen.se/verksamhet/systematikdagarna/systematikdagarna-2016/

And sorry to those of you who might have received multiple confirmation e-mails!


Systematikdagarna 2016 in Uppsala: Registration open!

Draft programme for Systematikdagarna 21-22 November in Uppsala is now published at http://systematikforeningen.se/verksamhet/systematikdagarna/systematikdagarna-2016/. Registration is also open. Welcome!

For those who want to register to Systematikdagarna and already have an account on systematikforeningen.se: please log in before starting registration.

For those who do not have an account on systematikforeningen.se: you can register for Systematikdagarna without a user account. If you want to create a user account on systematikforeningen.se, you might experience some problems (unfortunately the form doesn’t tell you why your account can’t be created. Common errors include: e-mail address already associated with an account, you forgot one of the mandatory fields, password too short or you didn’t get the last question right. When you have succeeded with your account creation, instead of a “Welcome to Systematikföreningen” e-mail, you might get a “Password changed” confirmation e-mail). Sorry about that, will try to fix it.

Please report any other web site errors to webmaster—snabela—systematikforeningen.se

BioSyst.EU, 15-18 augusti 2017

The third meeting of BioSyst.EU will be organised by the Swedish Systematics Association in corporation with the University of Gothenburg and will be held August 15–18, 2017 at the Wallenberg Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden. The meeting will feature invited thematic symposia as well as open sessions on systematic and evolutionary biology.

More information on the meeting, and registration forms, are available at www.conferencemanager.se/BiosystEU2017.

BioSyst.EU represents European scientists dealing with topics of systematic biology. It considers itself as a collaborative counterpart to the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) where European Natural History Institutions have joined, whereas in BioSyst.EU individual scientists are to be represented via their national or regional societies. Svenska Systematikföreningen is a member of BioSyst.EU.

inbjudan till systematikdagarna

[for English, see below]

Uppsalas två universitet välkomnar alla till Systematikdagarna 2016, ett forum för vetenskapligt utbyte, spjutspetsforskning och överraskningar för alla intresserade av biologisk systematik. De kommer att gå av stapeln 21-22 november på evolutionsbiologiskt centrum. Vi utlovar många intressanta föredrag, workshops och postrar.

Priset blir som vanligt lågt, men det kompenseras av god mat och trevligt umgänge. Se till att redan nu anteckna dessa datum i din kalender.

Formell anmälning från augusti via web-formulär.

Är du intresserad av att bidraga med föredrag eller fråga om något, hör gärna av dig redan nu till följande adress:


Under Systematikdagarna avhålls också Svenska Systematikföreningens årsmöte.


You are most welcome to Systematikdagarna 2016, the annual gathering for everyone with an interest in biological systematics, this year hosted by the Uppsala universities November 21-22. Please make sure to note these days in your calender.

Formal registration from August, via SSF webpage [you will be notified].

The price will be very low. Talks, workshops, poster session, good food and merriments are on the agenda.

If you like to contribute, e.g. with a talk, please tell us. You reach us at




ForBio Annual Meeting 2016 in Trondheim

ForBio is organising its annual meeting in Trondheim and registration is now open. ForBio annual meetings aim to gather scientists and students working on or interested in biosystematics in order discuss about current projects and results, share experience on methods and strengthen networking within the scientific community. This year, the meeting will be held in Trondheim, Norway, from Monday April 25th to Wednesday 27th. Registration deadline March 1st.

Keynote speakers will be invited to this meeting and will give valuable talks on the state of the art within the field of taxonomy and systematics, with the objective to inspire members on how cutting edge methods can innovate our field. We encourage attendees to use this meeting as an opportunity to present and discuss their own research as it provides a platform for exchange and dialogue about biosystematics.

There is no registration fee and you are all welcome to participate. ForBio members (PhD students and Postdocs) presenting their research (oral or poster) will have free travel and shared accommodation booked through ForBio.

For more information and registration please visit the website:

Best, Hugo/ForBio